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A Different Thought Can Make…Difference For Designers

We can develop our though, and we need it because is our most powerful tool that we have as designer and creative. Design is an experience (or process) that involves our intelligence, and according with Maneet Puri designers needs to think differently and comprehend four aspects.

The first one is the way we analyze clients goals, if we really understand our client’s goals is more easy to get match the process and the target of the project, creativity comes naturally. We sometimes need to anticipate our result to potential our design; we need to think as a user and as creative in order to solve the client’s goal.

The second point is our envision, if we want to develop our envision, it is need it to try to get a “complete knowledge” about the industry of our client and get focus on audience. From my point of view, in design it is no allowed to keep a close perspective. To get a succeeded envision we need to maintain a complete panorama in order to visualize correctly our design. There is information about art and design courses you can take at
For people who want information about how to further their knowledge about design, this is a helpful resource.

The third one is our stylish, that’s the way that we see the world, and is the way we think. No one is going to solve the project as I do or you do, sometimes our style needs to cross the line, if we want innovation our style should change whit daring.

The last aspect is the way we pass branding experience. At this point it’s essential for design to create something unique that involves memories or experiences in order to integrate our audience whit the function of the project (product or brand)

To sum up for design projects, it is important to change our way we think. think out of the box.


by erika valenzuela
twitter: @dgraphicstyle   



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