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Design & Art: differences

It’s important to understand the differences between design and art, in order to not create confusion in the concepts. To begin, according with John O’nolan design is a skill and art is a talent. In Design we need develop our skill to communicate a message giving structure and sense, in Art is necessary to develop a talent to communicate feelings and involves a subjective interpretation, the audience get different perspectives of the piece of art (different meanings).

To continue, Design propose motivate the audience to do something, Art propose inspire in order to connect “emotionally” with the audience. Design is more logical and rational, it has to be thinking and we need to develop as a strategy because we are expecting to get the target; at the end we are creating some kind of knowledge to be understood. By the other hand, Art is more instinctive; the expression comes from emotions and never gives you the same message.

Another helpful resource to help you learn more about the differences between art and design is Many people want to know how to find art and design courses to take, and this site will provide you with information.

Finally I could say, Art is a form of self-expression that turns into something personal and Design implies to create function and utility to our message or product.


by erika valenzuela
@dgraphicstyle on Twitter



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