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Freelancer survival tips…

When we decide to work by ourself it’s possible to feel seems a little lost at beginning, we might ask where we start, and what to do… by my experience, it’s necessary to develop our skills, that means work… and work as hard as we can, obviously it’s important to connect with many people in different areas of design. People as teachers, designers (of any kind), writers, illustrators, photographers or artists, can help us to improve our “visual culture” with their creativity and it’s a good way to increase our knowledge and experience.

Now a day, we can connect to any social network and follow the job of big creatives with huge trajectory, so we can learn and make a plan about what we want to do in our design job constructing a vision as a professional. So, I present my own “survival tips” as freelance designer that we should do and continue doing, in order to keep active.

Organize deadlines
We have to be a really professional in this point; we need to be a very strict in our schedule. Must organize the priorities; the point is that we can’t cover everything, so it’s necessary to work one project at a time and meet our deadline (no matter what) in order to have the confidence of our clients.

Be perseverant
“Roma wasn’t built in a day”. Actually you don’t really expect that “everybody” knows your job in just few weeks, right? Our design is going to talk for us, just we need to keep working and working hard, maintain a good attitude, be perseverant and don’t quit.

Write a lot
Every idea, every thought that you have and the knowledge that you get, should be written it down in a notebook. If you prefer, create a Blog of some topic that you love, and read the opinions of you readers (feedback), have a clear redaction (perspective) and share with the world. Write is similar to construct knowledge to someone else. So if it works for you could work for others, open you mind.

Design out of the box.
You must think in you audience. Simply you need to focus in the users and what they need, create an experience with your job. Remember you don’t design for your ego; you design for the function of the project.

Always be on a road
Try to be update all the time, read a lot (books, other blogs, magazines, etc.), try to learn something new, and as a hobby make personal projects, there is a part of you portfolio with a huge value.

Make of this freelance world, just a life style.

by Erika Valenzuela
@dgraphicstyle on Twitter



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